minibusMinik Dahiler (Little Geniuses), students spend in school service vehicles when they consider it as a part of the educational process.

Our Student Services, technically perfect, periodic maintenance performed, is fully equipped. All service vehicles are obliged to follow the safety belt. Service vehicles speed reports are regularly checked by the Department of Administrative Affairs. Each student is taken from the door of his house in the morning and to the door of the house is left again in the evening by our service.


Safety hazards;

  • Shuttle buses cannot get up and move students circulate inside the vehicle.

  • Over a certain range of service tools windows cannot be opened. Students do not move out of windows.

  • Students showing their location, especially those in the younger age groups in the middle row sit seats.

  • Students wear a seat belt.

  • Cleaning and Health Issues;

  • Students do not eat the food served in their vehicles.

  • Students throw the trash in the garbage vehicles.

  • Students ask water or napkins from hostess.

  • Observance of the Principle of Respect in Interpersonal Relationships terms;

  • During service vehicles, there cannot be high-toned music to attract the attention of other people outside of the bus or inside of bus.

  • Service vehicles move in time in the morning and in the evening.

  • Students show respect to the vehicle driver and hostess.

  • Older students, students retain little.

  • Relationships between students, is based on love and respect.

  • Students in an emergency service vehicle may request permission to use the phone.

  • Service vehicles, in a manner that disturbing others is not spoken aloud.

  • Service tools window, seats, upholstery and so on. Not to damage the property.

Minik Dahiler | Education and the meeting place of Love...

Our Working Hours:  Weekdays: 07:00 - 17:30 ~ Saturday: 07:30 - 13:00 ~ Sunday: Closed


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Kıbrıs Anaokul

Kıbrıs Kreş, Okul Öncesi Eğitim ve Etüt Merkezi

Lefkoşa, Gönyeli Kreş, Etüt, Anaokul, Okul Öncesi Eğitim Merkezi

KKTC'de Kreş ve Bebek Bakımı Hizmetleri konusunda sizlere yardımcı oluyoruz.

KKTC Anaokul ve Kreş

Geleceğimizi yaşatacak çocuklarımızı yetiştirmek için Kıbrıs'ta Gönyeli ve Lefkoşa'da okul öncesi eğitimde verdiğimiz hizmetler, burada bulabilirsiniz...

Anaokul, Kreş, Okul Öncesi Eğitim ve Etüt merkezimizle himzetinizdeyiz!

Kıbrıs Anaokulları içinde hizmet veren Minik Dahiler, çocukların okul öncesi kreş ve yuvada kendilerini geliştirmesine olanak sağlıyor.

gönyeli, lefkoşa, kktc de bebek bakımı, kreş, okul öncesi, anaokul, etüt, okul öncesi eğitim merkezi, etüt merkezi. 0-3 yaş, 3-6 yaş

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